Meet Poppy and Élodie

            Here is Lady Pandora Ophelia Loveday, Poppy to her friends. The time is 1917 and Poppy is an ambulance driver in Northern France.     This is Élodie Proux her dearest friend. She is a qualified nurse. Captured by Lez, his work can be seen...

Utrecht Storm

Memories from the Second World War dominate this story. Still in planning mode, but it will involve betrayal and murder.

Utrecht Fog

Third book in my series. Still a lot to do with this one. It involves memories from the Balkan War. Not always palatable ones for the Dutch Peacekeepers.

Utrecht Rain

Second part of my Utrecht Murders series. After the snow comes the rain! Goths and Serbs are the adversaries this time. As an aside, though a very important one, the covers of both these books are photographs from Liselotte Gijzemijter . She has a Tumblr site which is...

Poppy Blooms in Paris

Paris in 1930 is the setting for the sixth instalment of our tales.

Poppy’s Grand Tour

It's 1927 and in the fifth part of our series we see a trans European adventure as our intrepid duo travel by car to a wedding near the Austrian border. It is of course not as simple as that!

Poppy Flourishes in Florence

Part four sees our adventurers travel to Florence in 1923. They thought for a holiday, but get mixed up with art theft and Mussolini. Alfie shows up working for the British Secret Service and soon the whole family are involved!

Poppy Knows Best

Third part of the Poppy series. Set in 1922, the stories take the intrepid duo to Paris again as well as the seedier parts of London.

Poppy Blossoms at Nemesis Hall

This is the second planned novel in my Poppy series. It is set just after the Great War and tells how our two heroes come to terms with the new world they all face., They are even more in love and start to work at a private girls school in Norfolk. It doesn't stop...

Ophelia Jonathan

I wrote this in 2012. I've since used parts of it in various other pieces I have written, just as I have used parts of my Blasphemous Rumours arc in other stories. I liked the idea of a sporting superstar who was a girl. In 2012, no matter how short a time ago it was,...

Utrecht Snow

This is an extract from my first crime novel, Utrecht Snow. I love Utrecht, its a beautiful city. It was a shame to place so much crime in what appears on the surface to be such a law abiding city. But who knows what lies beneath? Covers of both my Utrecht books are...

Poppy Flowers at The Front

This is an extract from my second attempt at a crime novel. This is set in 1917 at the Western Front. My heroes are Poppy and Elodie. They work at a Casualty Clearing Station in Lapugnoy in France. It was the screaming. I could put up with most things and to be honest...

Policy of Truth

You may note the link here. Depeche Mode! Correct. My protagonists love their music and the titles are very apt. This is an extract from the final part of the trilogy. I had been going to QMC for almost two years and passed by the cemetery on and off for four years,...


Maëlys is my hero. She loves Basketball: The gym was empty. Every Friday afternoon it was silent. It still smelt of sweaty boys. The good thing was that when the girls came in to play it changed the dank odour to something a little more pleasant. I jogged the length...

Blasphemous Rumours

This is an extract from the first novel I ever attempted. I think calling it a coming of age story is a bit pretentious, but it is about two girls who meet and fall in love at school and about what happens. There is no great plot, no attempt to be the answer to...