Well hello everyone.

Great news my book Poppy flowers at the Front is now out into the world.

Shame I have had to delay any launch due to cancellations because of the dreaded virus. But here she is:

You can purchase from Brigand Press in London or any book store. Try your local indie in these fraught days it would mean the world to them, so ask if they can order it.

Got a lovely review on Everybody’s Reviewing site. I am so pleased to see that someone likes it, besides me and my publisher!

But the good thing is that social distancing and a variation on self-isolation (my usual mode) mean I have so much time to write. I am well into the third novel in the series and am following the

Sjöwall & Wahlöö model of a ten book chain. But none of the gloom of the Nordic Noir for me!

Well, I hope all are well and helping people out if they can.

Have a read of my work if you think you might fancy it. Contact Brigand Press for a copy.