As we move nearer to Christmas Day I have spent my time writing, reading and today watching rugby. It is always a pleasure to watch Leicester Tigers lose as it amplifies their supporters shallow sense of entitlement. Once they became successful their supporters have bayed for results, never quite understanding the intricacies of fair play and only ever seeing the faults of the opposition. Well chickens have certainly come home to roost as they face defeat almost every week and their over paid players fail to bring any sort of game to the table. Ah well, how the mighty have fallen. The greatest shame however is that so called Tigers supporters feel they can abuse and berate the coaching staff, rather than turn their ire towards the players.

I finished writing another review for Everybody’s Reviewing. Here it is. This is another pleasurable activity as I am able to read and write about books that are outside my comfort zone. i love crime fiction, but reviewing the myriad range of titles the wonderful Jonathan Taylor sends my way is a fantastic use of time.