I have had some extemely pleasant few sessions at this years Everybody’s Reading Festival in Leicester promoting our anthology and taking some workshops with best selling author Stuart Hill. Stuart is a breath of freash air and a fount of knowledge, ideal in a creative workshop. We have held sessions at The Brite Centre in Braunstone, Abbey Park and at creative writing hub, De Montfort University. Next week on October 24 we will be at Leicester Cathedral with a session on the back stories of Gargoyles. Should be fascinating. I love the fact that all kinds of people turn up and just write.

Some never thought they could and so have been very brave in attending. I am so pleased that they then find the sessions worthwhile and want to write more. It is not a fallacy, everyone CAN and should write. It makes you feel so much better, disappearing into a world of your own world creating. Gargoyles beware, Leicester is coming for you all!