My writers CV is constantly updated. Well I say constantly, but that’s a bit of a misnomer as the things I upload on it are few and far between. But it is good practice to keep things on show, it gives me a little validation to have work accepted.

Writing Groups

  • Ran a “Dalloway Day” Writing workshop inspired by Virginia Woolf’s work
  • Facilitate “Leicester Stories Writing Group” since February 2019
  • Shadow at Curve Young Writers Group with Jess Green. December 2018.
  • Creative Writing Workshops across Leicester since February 2019

Published writing and awards:

  • Paragraph Planet 2012: 75 word Prose Poem
  • University of Winchester Writers Festival 2013: Highly Commended ‘Introduction to a Crime novel’
  • Sole2Soul Arts Council commission 2014: Poem about Northamptonshire shoe industry
  • University of Winchester Writers Festival 2015: Third Place ’Writing can be Murder’
  • Chapter in ‘Crime Uncovered: Detective’ Edited by Barry Forshaw. Published by Intellect September 2015 on “Chief Inspector Jules Maigret”
  • Writing East Midlands Conference 2016: Chosen to have “1 to 1 with Author” Stephen Booth for my novel Utrecht Rain
  • “Highcross” poem in ‘Welcome to Leicester’ anthology. Published by Dahlia Publishing, September 2016
  • Shortlisted for Writing East Midlands Mentor Programme 2016-2017
  • Co-Editor “International Crime Fiction Association” web site, Facebook page and Twitter account. Promoting the former Captivating Criminality group to the masses.
  • Longlisted for ‘Leicester Writes” Short Story Prize 2017 “Cinnamon Fletcher”
  • Short Story “Cinnamon Fletcher” in ‘Leicester Writes Short Story Prize 2017 anthology’ Published by Dahlia Publishing, June 2017
  • Selected for the TLC Arts Council Free Read via Writing East Midlands: “Poppy Knows Best.” Crime Novel.
  • Editor, Social Media Editor and writer on about life in Utrecht, February 2018 – April 2019..
  • Poems selected by Dwell Time, mental health support web site. August 2018.
  • “Papillons de mon Coeur” poem published in The Students Wordsmiths journal The Purple Breakfast Review (Issue 6 August 2018)
  • Poems from my collection “Thoughts of a VAD in Lapugnoy” on display at the ‘We Are Making a New World’ exhibition at the Artizan Gallery, Torquay. October 2018.
  • “Starlings in Serbia” poem shortlisted for the Away from the Western Front charity 2018 Creative Writing competition.
  • Contributing a chapter about Solange Fontaine and Clara Baroness of Linz to “The Cozy Crime Anthology” published by McFarland in 2020.
  • Wolves & Apples Conference for aspiring children’s writers September 2018 Chosen to have “1 to 1 with Agent” Felicity Trew, for my Children’s book, Cinnamon.
  • Poems “mis” and “Missed Opportunities” on display at the ‘Mis-sed Opportunities’ exhibition at the Nunns Yard Gallery, Norwich. December 2018.
  • Editor of “Our City: An Attempt at Exhausting a Place in Leicester.” Published by October 2019.
  • Chapter in “Our City: An Attempt at Exhausting a Place in Leicester.” Published by October 2019 entitled “An Attempt at Exhausting a Place in Leicester.”
  • Second Place in Writing Magazine/Swanwick Children’s writing competition. June 2019.

 Crime Writing Conferences

  • Presenting paper at ‘Agatha Christie; Investigating the Queen of Crime’ 2019 at Solent University: “Tommy and Tuppence. How can TV get them so wrong?”
  • Presented paper at “Voices of Women in the Great War and its Aftermath” 2018 at Black Country Living Museum: “Maisie Dobbs: How World War I is reflected in truth and lies.”
  • Presented paper at Criminal Heritage: Crime, Fiction, and History 2017 at Leeds Beckett University: “Murder through the Eyes. Maisie Dobbs: How 1930s Society Reflects Truth and Lies.”
  • Presented paper at Captivating Criminality 2017 at Bath Spa University: “Mrs Paschal, Miss Gladden and Miss Brooke: Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Detectives.”
  • Presented paper at Noir in the North in Reykjavik 2016: “Irene Huss: Mother, Wife, Detective.”
  • Presented paper at Captivating Criminality 2015 at Bath Spa University: “Aimée Leduc, hardboiled or soft centred?”

Creative Writing Courses with Writing East Midlands:

  • Sarah Ward: Writing Compelling Crime Fiction May 2019
  • Mary Williams: Dark and Speculative Fiction May 2019
  • Jane Commane: Getting Your Poetry Manuscript Ready for Publication March 2019
  • Siobhan Logan: The Poet as Bard: Storytelling in Poetry January 2019
  • Joanna Courtney & Tracy Bloom: To Publish or to Self-publish, that is the Question! October 2018
  • Janet Allnat: Historical Fiction 2016
  • Stephen Booth: Writing Successful Crime Fiction 2015
  • Louise Welsh: How to Write Crime 2014
  • Maxine Linnell: Young Adults Fiction 2013
  • Rod Duncan: Introduction to Novel Writing 2012

Creative Writing Courses

  • John Hegley: Poetry workshop October 2018
  • Pan Thompson: Poetry Workshop October 2018
  • Alison Moore: WEA Creative Writing Advanced September 2018
  • Wolves & Apples Conference for aspiring children’s writers September 2018

Noirwich Crime Writing Festival Workshops:

  • Pushing the boundaries with Louise Welsh: September 2018
  • Writing Detectives with Nicola Upson. September 2018
  • Witnessing the Experts September 2018 with Fiona Barton, Kristina Garner, Professor David Russell & Professor Mark Wilkinson.

Other workshops

  • Emma Pass: ‘Delivering Writing Workshops March 2019
  • Cambridge Crime Fiction Masterclass with Erin Kelly, Neil White, Graham Bartlett, Kate Bendelow November 2018
  • Writing East Midlands Elder Tree Mentoring Workshop October 2018