Belated May Day greetings!

I have been busy trying to organize events to help promote An Attempt at Exhausting a Place in Leicester. It’s exhausting, but fun.

I plan the launch at Prana Cafe in October which will be a real red carpet event, well in my dreams, but it will be a welcoming event to all who contributed.

I am so pleased and honoured really, that local artist Sarah Kirby has allowed me to use some of her illustrations, one as the cover and several others in the book. She is a wonderful artist and people should check out her amazing website to see more of her talent.

I have a Creative Writing workshop at the University of Leicester Botanic Gardens on July 16 where we will try to link themes of Leicester and Nature.

I will be hosting a Poetry Reading from all poets connected to the anthology, probably in September which will be great!

There will be more so stay tuned!