I misspoke for too long

For a moment I thought

You were actually interested

In me and my words.


I misheard your words

meaning nothing to me

as they swept far above me

far over my head.


I mistook the lies

that left your Red lips with ease

like a small baby’s spit

dribbling and vile.


I misread the signs

You tried to give to me

To show me the lies

Not the truths I so wanted.


Swallow the misery

Of truth or deceit

Dare to show me

A route to true love.


Why try so hard

To find the right word?

To mislead and betray

Take all so for granted.


A word to help cause

miserable cracks to a wound

A façade of what’s right

A wall of what’s wrong


What misled me so

Was the pathetic attempt

That I thought was the truth

But was in fact only lies.


When lies and denies

Are so glibly spoke

Misinform not misguide

Morality collapses on me.


Embraced by misshapen words

A sick misers voice

Stealing not giving

A truth not a choice.


Misery seeps into

our hearts and soaks

Our blood with fear

And misrule with misdeed


Can I explain

A decadent curse

such lies sick corruption

My words do conflate.


Misspelt and unseen

A traitor’s full purse

Topped by the contempt

Of a viper’s sour kiss.


A word still unused

Unsaid and misread

Denied while connived

Unseemly and harsh.


Was that indeed

What I was meant to see?

A mission long lost

To truth and to fear.


I mislaid them all

The words that once came

As soon as they left

They touched the foul air.


I didn’t feel a thing for

The blatant misfortune

But that’s what you gave me

As you’d so long intended.


The misrule you left

Was up in the air

Showing me deceit

And a heart less of care.


My answer was misused

And so clearly abused.

Misled unrequited

A reply so confused.


Mystical word play

So clearly meant

But my heart sorely tested

My soul less content.


Warily speaking

warily said

Carefully listening

Filled with such dread.


Miserly, miserably,

Words full of contempt

Spewed out in anger

To never repent.


Hold up my hand

Hold hard my heart

Hold fast my hopes

Misprinted eternal.


Mistaken, mistook,

Misheard and mistold.

Misspent and misread

Misquoted. A lie.



Prefix meaning bad wrong.

From Old English mis.

From Proto Germanic missa

divergent astray.


Old Frisian Old Saxon mis

Middle Dutch misse

Old High German missa

German miß.


Old Norse mis

Gothic missa.

Perhaps literally in a

Changed manner


and with a root sense of

difference to change.

Gothic misso mutually

and thus, from PIE mitto.


From root mei to change

See mutable;

in Proto Germanic

missa the stem of an ancient past participle.


Related to Old English missan,

failure to hit.

Which is from the same PIE root.

Productive as word forming element.


In Old English

mislæran to give bad advice

Teach amiss.

in a few verbs its sense.


Began to be felt as


and was used as an intensive prefix

with verbs already expressing.


Negative feeling, misdoubt,

practically a separate word

in Old and early Middle English

and often written as such.


Old English also had an

adjective mislic.

Diverse unlike various

and an adverb mislice.


In various directions

wrongly astray derived from it corresponding

to German misslich

in mischief a miscreant.


Represents Old French mes

bad badly, wrong wrongly,

from Vulgar Latin minus

from Latin minus less.


See minus

Which was not used as a prefix.

Influenced in Old French by miss

The Frankish equivalent of mis.