As promised on this sunniest of Fridays, a look into my 1920s research.

I have been to The British Library many times and have found so much of interest there. you need to scour their catalogue and find what interests you then reserve it on line for a set date. turn up on that date and the books are all there for you. they also have a fantastic cafe!

On one of the same days I visited the Library I strolled down to The Wellcome Institute. Its on the same road, just past Euston station. again I reserved the information I wanted and it was all there on arrival.

Another day was spent at the Imperial War Museum where the process is the same and I was able to read correspondence from soldiers and nurses on the Front. Sad, but illuminating.

Project Gutenberg is fabulous with its digital catalogue of vintage books. you can find what you want and download and copy them. Its an amazing resource.

Then there is the interweb. I’m not trying to teach anyone to suck eggs, but just type in any subject on google or any other search engine and off you go: Fashion, women, housing, maps, sexuality, racism, Italy, schools, spies, crime, politics… The list is endless of course and the results are often beyond fascinating.