This is a poem I wrote whilst sitting in the sun in the Highcross. That day I wandered about Leicester and sat writing in various locales. Town Hall Square, St Margaret’s Bus station and by the Clock Tower. I think most of the work is uploaded in the “Some of My Poems” section. I entered it a competition for the ‘Welcome to Leicester’ anthology, published by Dahlia Publishing in September 2016. they edited the final version a little, but this is the original:

High Cross, Leicester

Sitting in High Cross

Minding my own, hot sun

shining down on lucarne

reflecting shops by the

dozen and people by the score.


Four boys dancing using windows

as their mirrors in their private

Dance Studio. As they busted

their moves all they thought

was how good they looked.


Three girls watching

Four boys dancing, thinking

how hot they looked and it

wasn’t the sun.

They discussed the moves

Of the four fit lads

as they sidled closer to them

and thought will they soon

dance to our very own tunes?


Two old ladies watching this scene,

not quite understanding what

it all meant. They never saw

boys dancing in the street like this

except that day in 45 when

everybody jigged.

What are they doing?

It’s dancing my love.

Not in my world,

it’s rubbish that is.Four boys dancing

Three girls watching

Two old dears moaning till


One mean security guard

Moves everyone along.