I wrote this in 2012. I’ve since used parts of it in various other pieces I have written, just as I have used parts of my Blasphemous Rumours arc in other stories. I liked the idea of a sporting superstar who was a girl. In 2012, no matter how short a time ago it was, female athletes were not always given the respect they deserved and the respect they get today. How times change and for a change in a positive way. Here is an extract:

It was like running into a dirty great mattress and then whacking your temple against the head board. All horribly soft except for her elbow which caught me right on the forehead. It made my ears ring. She was huge and muddy and smelly, but because she was so wide I was able to bounce off her and carry on running. I felt so free, everything became so easy. I was feeling weightless. I was almost flying across the grass. It was so easy, so effortless.

“Philly! Philly!”

It was Charlotte; she was outside me, her blue and red shirt somehow spotless and her hair streaming behind her in the wind.

“Pass it, Philly! Philly!”

I let my arms swing to the right and the ball settled in Charlotte’s hands, she stepped easily inside, past the last defender and dived for the line.

Spotless no more, she slid through the biggest puddle and smiled the biggest grin.

The refs whistle went; his outstretched hand pointed up into the air.

“Try scored.”

I shook Charlotte’s hand, my Dad always said don’t you ever jump up and down or hug and kiss like a soccer player, decorum is everything! He is so old fashioned! I always wanted to dance a jig when I scored, but I didn’t dare!

Alfie handed me a drink and then held out the kicking tee. His game must have finished already.

I put my gum shield in my sock and placed the ball on the kicking tee, looked up at the posts, took three steps back, looked again and ran up, slipping flat on my backside as I caught the grass before the ball. Perfect.

Giggles came from behind me from my so called team mates and there was laughter on the touchline. Perfect!

I could feel redness on my cheeks, but picked up the tee and threw it towards Alfie who juggled it and ran off the pitch with a smirk. I put my gum shield back in feeling an idiot.

“Don’t worry Ophelia we’re miles ahead…” muttered Phoebe as I got back into position. Three tries and three successful kicks later the game was almost over.

Finally, Charlotte chipped the ball into space near their 22, I seemed to be skimming over the grass, no tripping this time, I was able to scoop the ball up, step outside their full back, just getting caught on the nose with a fearful smack by her flailing arm, before going between the posts for a try. I kicked another conversion, 57-12 to us and all was well with the world. We loved it, we owned them!

Dad was happy; he gave me his smile and then congratulated the rest of the team. I had once thought it might be awkward playing in the same team as Dad as coach, but it was fine. If I was crap and in the team it would of course have been a problem, but I knew I was good. That’s not to say I am big headed, but you know, I am good. It’s strange, having no doubts about my talent when I have so many doubts about so many other things.

My name is Ophelia Verity Jonathan, named after Ophelia, who loved Hamlet and after my Dads mother Verity who I never met. I’m 16. I have been at Sixth Form College here in Leicester since the end of August.

I am an academic superstar, but not, I must protest, a nerd even though I got 10 A* GCSEs and am taking 5 A Levels for some reason!

I want to go to University and study either Sports Coaching or English. Two extremes I know, but they are my two loves! Not sure which to go for yet, but I still have plenty of time to choose.

I live in Clarendon Park in Leicester, with my wonderful Dad, who is 35 and is Head of English at my College and with my lovely, fantastic twin brother, Alfie.

I adore music and listen to it all the time. Depeche Mode is at the moment, by far my favourite, with The XX catching them up. I also love Muse, Metallica and Faithless, though sadly they are no more and I never got to see them live. God bless you You Tube though, it’s almost the best next thing! I love the beautiful Hayley Williams of Paramore. She is stunning! And of course Robert Smith from the Cure, he is weird, but I love him, but he is just so wonderfully weird.

I don’t have a boyfriend and I really don’t want one or need one, I have no time at the moment. There is much too much going on in my life and I certainly don’t have any room for any boy!

I more than love rugby and play for my local club and I also play in the Elite Girls Rugby Group in the Midlands as does Alfie, but for the boys of course!

I also play Basketball, which I think is my favourite thing in the whole of the world. I play for my College and for our city National League club as does Alfie.

Me and Alfie are twin sporting superstars! Both my Basketball teams and my club rugby team are coached by my Dad! It’s almost the most ideal of lives, with my two lovely special friends Charlotte and Phoebe and lots of other amazingly funny and friendly pals.

I really do have almost the perfect life, but my mum died when I was 11 and I miss her so much, so I do get a bit depressed at times.