Trying to remember how to put a page up on this site is so difficult! I wrote it all down as instructed, yet still make mistakes. I have four or five pages floating around in the ether somewhere and no copy of them so have had to start again. Good Grief indeed! Anyhoo… I have entered various poetry competitions and also submitted to a few magazines. now all i have to do is wait. It’s really frustrating if you want to know how you’ve got on by return, but c’est la vie as we say!

What I have been enjoying of late is writing poetry. I can sit in front of my computer and just let words flow. more often than not they make sense which is good! I don’t like to edit my work. I like to think that what I write is what I want to end up seeing. I worry that constant editing will change what I originally meant. That’s not to say that I don’t change things, but very rarely will i reduce what I have written. I add things and use a Thesaurus quite a lot. It was the same with my novels. i would add rather than take bits out. Who is to say what is right or wrong. As usual, if it makes me happy then that is enough for me.