Trying to up my profile if that’s what its called by entering a few competitions and submitting work to online magazines. Only my best stuff I hasten to add, its silly just to send anything in. I’ve looked at a few really good web sites and used their advice. My areas very own East Midlands Writing is excellent and a real source of information locally and I often use their services. The NAWE web page has hundreds of opportunities and if you are so inclined funding sources as well. The most interesting site I have used is the Aerogramme Writers’ Studio which is fantastic.

You can see from my front page that I have written a novel based in Utrecht. I love Utrecht. My son lives there and I often go to visit him and to research the city for my stories. I write occasional pieces for UtrechtCentral a very interesting site that has Utrecht at its heart.

speaking of which, Utrecht has been named a UNESCO City of Literature which is quite an honour and one that should see literature developed throughout the city and should leave a legacy for years to come. There are many sites from across the city promoting the event, but I find het literatuur huis to be one of the best.