What a wonderful couple of writing days I have had. You will have seen yesterday’s posts about articles appearing on the Trip Fiction and The Yard: Crime Blog sites. I also had an essay about Tommy and Tuppence printed in the Crime and Detection Magazine which gave me great pleasure. I know that I always tell myself I write for myself and don’t care about the outcome of my writing, but it gives me a really nice feeling when people actually want to print my work.

This is why I enjoy reviewing for the wonderful Jonathan Taylors site Everybody’s Reviewing. I get the chance to give a little bit back. Last weekend was the Sheaf Poetry Festival held online because of the dread Covid crisis. I watched four events from the weekend and my reviews are here.

I had a great time listening to poets who were new to me and were exciting talents and I also did an Ecopoetry workshop which included aspects of found poetry which though I knew of it I had never tried. It inspired me to have a go and I am pleased with the outcome. Anyhoo here is the first review I wrote. I hope you enjoy it.

This next one is looking in more detail at the Ecopoetry and Found Poetry workshop.

My third event was listening to a group of three debut poets. I really loved this and my review is here,

Finally, I watched a performance from Carrie and Caleb who put in the workshop earlier. This was a fascinating event with some intriguing poetry. See the review here.

And take some time to catch up on the whole event via the Sheaf YouTube page.

Give the Everybody’s Reviewing site a good browse. There are some wonderful writers out there and we need to embrace them.