This week my novels Utrecht Snow and Utrecht Rain are on a virtual Blog Tour where they are reviewed by several bloggers on Facebook and Twitter.

This has been arranged by Emma Welton.

I will include the links to the reviews and comments and you will be able to discover yourself how positive they have been.

This has been a great experience and thanks to Emma for organising it.

As I have often said, it is important to get feedback on my work and this exercise has been highly profitable.

I hope it encourages people to purchase my books!

First up was Blogger prdgreads.

Her review is available here.

Then Avonna Loves Genres.

She writes here.

The great thing is that this also allows you entry into the world of Book Review Blogging on Social Media and to authors unknown and new. There is so much out there, it is no surprise then, that it is difficult to get your work on the map so to speak.

Tuesday saw a couple of really generous reviews from Jessica Belmont.

Read them here.

Todays final blog is from Lynsey. Many thanks to her.

Here is her review.

Thanks to Page Turners blog for their thoughts here.


Then we have more Wednesday reviews at Scintilla.

Two really nice reviews here. Thank you so much.

So Wednesday ends well. This gives me more inspiration to write. thank you to all Blogger/Reviewers who have taken part on the tour so far.

Catching up with Thursdays Blog Tour.

Review from Sharron Machin of booksbehindthetitle.

Many thanks for her kind words.

Finally, Thursday ended with a review by Pratibha Pandey.

See her review here.

Friday opens with a blog by Jolene at Baby Dolls and Razor Blades.

Catch the review here.

Then finally from at Love Books, Read Books.

We have the last review of Friday, here!

Saturday sees the Blog of Laura Buckley featuring my books. Have a look at her site here.

Her reviews are here. Take a look.

Saturday closes with the thoughts of Sharon Rimmel on her blog,

Have a read of her reviews here.

The week of reviews finishes today with Cheryl writing in her blog, why not take a look?

And she has reviewed the novel here.

Then finally we have Chelle who has a wonderful blog.

Read the review here.

Many thanks to Emma and all the Bloggers for their work. It is really appreciated and I will be able to take on board all the advice in Part 3 of the Utrecht Murders:

Utrecht Fog

Coming out next year on Kindle and from