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A page where I write about my PhD.

February 8, 2021

Well, I have been a student for nearly three weeks.

What changes have I seen?

I feel energised knowing that I can really get stuck into my research.

Having said that, I realise straight away that my use of Academic Language is not as it should be and that is perhaps the greatest challenge for me. I have to speak or at least write in Academize and that will be a struggle.

Luckily at least 80000 words will be creative so I can write how I wish as long as it is of a high standard, but it is the critical component that will be the hard part.

I appear to have been lucky in my supervisor Dr Ann Matthews, she seems really engaged in my ideas and I am really looking forward to working with her in the next few years.

My Dadda always wanted to do a Doctorate, but alas didn’t quite find the time, so mine will be dedicated to him and to my wife Annie.

Wow! The next few years, it will be at least three years of my life. My wife has been tremendously supportive and I know that without her support I could not do this, so I am very grateful to her.

I have been working on different modules and visited various workshops at Aberystwyth.

The PhD Salon was good fun meeting like-minded people. I have to point out that they all seem, well they all are, so young. But so bright!

My module Ways of Working has been an eye-opener into how other students’ work, and so my first assignment will be interesting as I investigate my subject from a different viewpoint.

I need to get a grip on Ethics as I will have to talk to other writers and get their views in an ethical manner. What the University suspects I will do with their words is a mystery, but I can see the necessity of some rules of engagement!

I was interested in today’s lecture on Blogging, hence this first update. I will now have to see whether anyone is engaged in this as I start the attempt to grow my Academic Network.